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How to Identify Antique Hand-Painted Lamps

Antique electric or oil lamps offer more than just a source of illumination after dark; many of these lamps feature hand-painted designs, offering a bit of decor for enjoyment any time of day. As with other types of antiques, reproductions of similar style are also on the market. From afar, reproductions may look like their older counterparts, but close inspection typically reveals the truth about their authenticity.

Plugs and sockets for portable appliances started becoming available in the s. the current to one or more lamps, or along a flexible cord, to be rapidly and safely The German Schuko-system plug is believed to date from and is.

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File:Plastic lamp cord – brittle after 50

Repairing household lamps that don’t work properly is easily done. Available at any well-stocked hardware or electrical store, the plug and cord are simple and inexpensive to replace. Installing a light socket is just as easy. Replacement sockets come in various finishes so you should be able to find a socket that is similar to the color tone of the existing socket. Lamp cord is known as Type SPT, or zip cord. The 18 size is satisfactory for most lamp applications.

A date has been set for the trial of a Bayonne woman charged with strangling her husband with a lamp’s chain-link cord during an argument.

We also have lamps, microwaves, coffee makers, and toasters. Our televisions are constantly plugged in, as are cable boxes and DVR. According to the U. Fire Administration, in , electrical fires accounted for nearly 24,, or 6. A lot of electrical fires are attributed to outlets being overloaded. Homeowners also accidently overload their electrical wiring when they use multiple-outlet extension cords instead of the primary outlet to plug things in.

Of course, one of the most common causes of electrical fires, and one that is often overlooked, is frayed cords—particularly those of lamps and appliances. You can help prevent an electrical fire in your home—and a big insurance headache—when you proactively check electrical appliances and lamp wiring on a routine basis. Here are a few red flags:. You can take even more preventive measures to ensure that, in the event of an electrical fire, your family stays safe.

Start by testing your smoke alarms monthly. Replace the batteries in your smoke alarm every six months, even if the alarm is being regularly tested. They will outline the safest way to use your appliance and state clearly any dangers associated with misuse of a product. And replacing your microwave on a Saturday may seem like a pain.

Wire Plugs

Los Angeles, CA Perhaps you love estate sales and have been noticing some eye-catching lamps, or maybe you’ve found a handsome old lamp in your grandparents’ attic. However you found these amazing light fixtures, you might be wondering if they’re antique and worth restoring. Well, the short answer is that, if you like the lamp, have it restored.

Additionally, you can make spare cash by selling restored lamps. Find out if that dusty old lamp is really a gem in disguise.

Seattle City Light. MATERIAL STANDARD. Plugs, Lamp Holders, and Extension Cords. Standard Number: Superseding: Effective Date: Page.

Lamps offered at auctions might be trash or may be treasure. The lamp you use daily might also be a valuable item. Determining the worth of any lighting fixture means taking a good look at some obvious clues and doing a bit of research to estimate the value. Don’t assume because it’s old that it’s valuable. The same is true of modern lighting. It might not meet the traditional definition of years old to claim status as an antique, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a fortune as a collectible.

Examine the overall condition of the lamp. Look at the type of damage to determine if repairs are possible. Damages don’t totally discount the worth of a rare lamp, but the problems do reduce the value. Scratch the underside of the lamp surface in a hidden place with a fingernail or screwdriver tip to figure out the material used to make the lamp.

Some vintage lamps appear to be made from copper metal, but instead are made from a substitute painted to look like copper metal. Look for manufacturing labels and company embossed stamps and raised imprints on the lamp.

Edison “Bergmann” Socket, 1884 to 1895

Light fixtures of some sort have been around for centuries, or perhaps longer, fulfilling the need for accessible lighting since the first permanent homes were built. Several indicators help determine whether your light fixture is an antique, a reproduction or simply a light inspired by old styles. Check for wiring, gas tubes and markings on the sockets to narrow down the age range of the fixture.

If the fixture looks brand new and has modern wiring, it is most likely a reproduction and not an antique.

By Marc M. Date Updated: February 17, Lamp Cord: Used with lamps, small appliances, radios and other similar products that don’t exceed volts.

InspectAPedia tolerates no conflicts of interest. We have no relationship with advertisers, products, or services discussed at this website. How to evaluate the number of electrical circuits in an older home. Photo guide to types of old building electrical wires. In this article series we list common old building electrical wiring system safety concerns and we illustrate types of old electrical wires and devices. This article series answers basic questions about assessing and repairing the electrical service, capacity, wiring type, condition, and safety in older homes.

With the increase of electric lighting which today is used only to a very limited extent as compared with its inevitable future use and the multiplication of wires, these dangers which exist now in a thousand different parts of the city will be manifolded many times. Edison, ” The dangers of electric lighting”,. These rusty looking “pipes” may be the last remnants of the oldest and original electrical wiring used for underground electrical power distribution in the U.

We describe these electrical power cables and provide images of and links to early electrical wiring and wire insulation methods in this article. While varying somewhat by area of the country in the U. Proper identification of the type of electrical wire and wire insulation is useful for those seeking to guess at the age of a building or of its electrical system, and in some instances it is helpful in assessing the condition and safety of the building wiring system, such as taking note of the presence of branch circuit solid conductor aluminum electrical wire that has not been properly repaired – a fire hazard.

How to Tell if You Have a Lamp That’s Worth Money

I have this very same lamp: I have rewired it and need help to determine where to find the right size bulbs to fit the three “candle” lights that have the 4″ tall sleeve? The three bulbs are standard E26 bulbs. It’s the center bulb that’s tougher to find.

Lamp Cord, Plugs & Switches. Questions? Feedback? powered by Olark live chat software. 1; 2 · 3. Products: 1–24 of Show: 24; 48; Sort by: Newest.

The lighting hardware found in homes during the early years is functionally the same as what we use today, but yet is far-removed in looks, and convenience. Here we offer both the old-style and more modern types of wiring components for electric lighting of all kinds. Cord, Plugs and Switches for Electric Lighting – ‘s. However, a UL inspector does have the ability to approve these wires for your assembly even though they are not listed.

For example, if you order 12 feet, you will receive one 12 foot length. Image click to enlarge Quantity Part No. Cord, Plugs and Switches for Electric Lighting – ‘s These rayon-covered cords are the safe and modern versions of the old silk-wrapped cord. The plugs and switches are also specially designed specifically to work with these cords in the rewiring of all types of lamps. Old-style Plugs Appropriate for all of the rayon-covered cords above.

Cord, Plugs and Switches for Electric Lighting after ‘s These plastic-covered cords are the safe and modern for late 20th century lamps. Snap-on Plugs Appropriate for all of the cords above and are suitable for most lighting applications. No stripping required and are UL Listed. In-line Switches Appropriate for all of the cords above and are suitable for most lighting applications.

10 Electrical Wiring Problems Solved

The years between to witnessed a rapid growth in the use of electric light and with it significant improvements in the design of light sockets. An understanding of what these changes were and when they occurred provides a valuable tool for dating early electric lamps. This discussion will gloss over internal modifications and focus on the external appearance, as this aspect is the most useful for on-the-spot assessments.

Although Edison invented the first functional electric light bulb in , more than 20 years would pass before his revolutionary device was practical enough to be embraced by the mass consuming public. In fact, early electrical systems were exorbitantly expensive to install and to maintain, as well as subject to frustrating service interruptions and frightening power surges.

Dangers of Frayed Lamp and Appliance Wires this electricity may not seem like a big deal so long as your wiring is up to date, you’re not as safe as you think.

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