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Neil Ford reports on national and regional energy transition strategies in West Africa. Nigerian power sector strategy over the past decade had focused on breaking up the national power company and developing gas-to-power projects. The unbundling process seems to have had little impact, while much of the new gas-fired capacity is unused because of gas supply problems. President Muhammadu Buhari has pledged to improve the situation, although similar promises were made by his predecessors without resulting in much progress. Idris Mohammad, special adviser to the Federal Minister of Power, concedes that government efforts to implement various gas supply strategies have had limited success. Mohammad says three things were needed to resolve the situation: adequate funding from government to fulfil its side of various contracts; timely payment for gas supplied; and the provision of secure guarantee mechanisms by the government for local and international institutional investors.

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All rights reserved. It was, as is so often the case in the beauty business, a global production. Wek, with her velvety ebony skin and mere whisper of an Afro, was posed in front of a stark, white screen. Her simple, white Giorgio Armani blazer almost disappeared into the background.

Jean-Claude – Modified date: Aug 26, The federal government of the Republic of Nigeria through the state Ministry of Power has launched a tender for​.

A terracotta head created by the Nok culture, one of ancient West Africa’s most advanced civilizations, emerges at a dig site near Janjala, Nigeria. Courtesy Peter Breunig. In , British archaeologist Bernard Fagg received a visitor in the central Nigerian town of Jos, where he had spent the previous few years gathering and classifying ancient artifacts found on a rugged plateau. The visitor carried a terracotta head that, he said, had been perched atop a scarecrow in a nearby yam field.

Fagg was intrigued. The piece resembled a terracotta monkey head he had seen a few years earlier, and neither piece matched the artifacts of any known ancient African civilization. Fagg, a man of boundless curiosity and energy, traveled across central Nigeria looking for similar artifacts. As he recounted later, Fagg discovered local people had been finding terracottas in odd places for years—buried under a hockey field, perched on a rocky hilltop, protruding from piles of gravel released by power-hoses in tin mining.

Nigeria responds to COVID-19; first case detected in sub-Saharan Africa

Do you have questions about your vision health? He was the answer to her prayers. Before she knew it, her savings were gone. And the man of her dreams? He might not even exist. A short message sent on a Thursday evening in early December , under the subject line: Match?

The history of public relations (PR) in Nigeria is intricately intertwined with its colonial and Nigerian Magazine, which were aimed at providing information about assessing-public-relations-practice-nigeria/, date accessed 14 July.

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Nigeria launches off-grid solar tender

Communal violence continued in some parts of the country. Freedoms of assembly, association and expression were all under attack as the country witnessed an increasing shrinking civic space. The government also disobeyed several court orders. Read more. Reports, briefings, urgent actions and UN submissions. Your choice regarding cookies on this site We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better.

Dele Giwa (16 March – 19 October ) was a Nigerian journalist, editor and founder of Newswatch magazine. Contents. 1 Early life and career.

Inside Africa. Facebook Twitter Email. CNN — From email scams to oil spills and charlatan Pentecostal preachers, it’s clear that Nigeria has something of an image problem. While the outside world’s perception of Africa’s most populous country hasn’t always been overwhelmingly positive, there’s plenty more to this nation than its unsavory associations.

With its vibrant culture, sense of humor and adaptability, Nigeria has become the “Giant of Africa” in more ways than just population size. In honor of Nigeria’s Independence Day on October 1, here are 10 of the many reasons why the destination one in five Africans call home stands out from the rest. You may be inspired to add Nigeria to your travel list:. In Nigeria, if you’ve reached your 30th birthday and are still unhitched, the elders will harass you down the aisle, which is why barely a week goes by without someone staging a traditional wedding ceremony somewhere.

Weddings are a sacred part of cultural life, but also an excuse to show off cuisine, fabulous clothing, music and dance moves in one life-affirming, chromatic bonanza. With odd ethnic groups, the ceremonies come in a variety of styles, depending on your region. In the southwest, the groom and his friends might prostrate themselves at the start. However, in the southeast you’ll see them dancing their way into the ceremony, wearing bowler hats and clutching walking canes.

In other regions, the bride and groom’s families send each other letters of proposal and acceptance before getting down to dowry negotiations. Once the serious stuff is done, it’s back to music and dancing and, best of all, the tossing of banknotes in the air to make money literally rain down on the newlyweds.

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Jump to navigation. Operating in more than 25 countries around the world, our brands help unite people seeking long-term commitment. We bring love to people across the globe – no matter what language they speak! So wherever you’re looking for that special someone, from New York to London to Sydney , our dating service can make the world seem like a much smaller place.

Which is the whole point of international dating right? Dating someone from a foreign country with different cultural norms, values, and customs can feel exotic and exciting.

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A daily, free-to-view philanthropy blog providing a space for news, thinking, debate and peer exchange among philanthropy practitioners worldwide. A month later, confirmed cases had risen to 93 and become more widespread across the country, forcing the federal government to order a full blown lockdown by 30 March across the three key Nigerian states where COVID infections were most prevalent.

Philanthropic responses to the pandemic have generally followed two tracks: that of responding to the immediate crisis, such as donations of cash and in-kind items to private and public healthcare providers, and that of addressing the economic effects caused by strict lockdowns. In Nigeria, one of the first major philanthropic responses to the pandemic was the donation of a bed isolation centre to the Lagos state government by Guaranty Trust Bank GTB PLC with 50 per cent of costs covered by the African Finance Corporation.

Commissioned on 28 March, the facility was delivered within a week to strengthen the existing isolation centre at the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Lagos. Serious questions have been raised about the response thus far, however. Some individuals and members of the wider civil society in Nigeria have asked why banks making up a sizeable proportion of the CACOVID coalition chose to make donations to the federal government when they could have directly reached their most vulnerable customers via existing internal databases.

Others still have questioned the sincerity of the Federal Government in its response especially with respect to the receipt of donations and the disbursements of palliatives to the most vulnerable. Tagged in: Coronavirus. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Read more about June View Latest Issue.

Read more about March View Past Issues.

Too little power in Nigeria, too much in Ghana

In December he captivated an audience at a conference in Texas, United States, as he narrated the story of his success after failures in some other business ventures. The Nigerian film industry is undoubtedly helping create jobs in a country with an economy that relies mainly on oil and agriculture. Believing that if the industry is properly managed, a million more jobs could be created in the sector, the World Bank is currently assisting the Nigerian government to create a Growth and Employment in States project to support the entertainment industry, along with other industries.

Film industry analysts believe that the Nigerian cinema is the most popular on the continent. Nollywood films have a large following in Africa and among Africans around the world.

Her biggest passons to date include health and wellness, sports, education, and women’s affairs. Fast forward to , the year-old has her.

Although many people are still sceptical or hesitant about using dating sites to find a partner, there are popular and top dating sites among Nigerians that can be used. Admittedly, there are downsides to trying to find love online but when done with caution, then it is a viable means of finding a partner.

After all, as much as there are negative stories, there are also stories and testimonies from people who found their partners online. If at the end you are unable to find love, with proper use, you can still network and meet great people on some dating sites. As Valentine approaches, we have curated a list of top dating sites that you can consider finding love this season!

Check it out below in no particular order. On the dating site, members are allowed to share photos, videos, create events, groups, play games, among many other features. As ar , it is believed that the site already over 84, registered members with a daily visit of 9, This dating app uses your location to show you people who live and work near you with hopes that you may connect with someone based on age, location and gender.

You can chat with people as well as rate their photos.

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COVID forced many companies to quickly adopt flexible working practices. After the crisis, will some make remote work arrangements permanent? During the pandemic, the environmental and societal benefits of working at home quickly became apparent. How can businesses protect these benefits in the future? The outbreak of Covid forced the rapid adoption of remote working practices and an acknowledgment of the importance of digital transformation.

Following the pandemic, what will the lasting impact be?

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We have skilled manpower [who] can do contact tracing, and also treat, [and] we now have five testing laboratories that have helped in shortening our response time for detection.

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This study analyses the efforts of BudgIT, Nigeria’s creative start-up, It has been recognised by Forbes Magazine as one of the top five African start-ups to watch. apathy by citizens toward efforts to date to communicate the Nigerian budget.

This includes its classification of citizens according to their understanding of public finance and its personalised approach in reaching out to them. In its 53 years of independence, Nigeria, which has an oil-driven economy, has had more than thirty-three years of military rule, which guarded the detailed budget as a state secret.

Current efforts in the democratic regime have made both the proposed and enacted budget available to citizens as enabled by law. However, the budget is officially released in a non-readable format. In addition, most citizens have no clear understanding of government finances. BudgIT uses an array of technology tools to simplify the budget for citizens and also works with the civil society and media in data analysis and representation.

BudgIT believes that the amplified voices of citizens based on better access to budgetary data can lead to institutional reform. It also works to improve the capacity of congressional budget offices to enhance budget performance. BudgIT methodology will use refined data mining skill sets to creatively present data and empower citizens to use the information that is available in demanding improved delivery of services.

Este estudio analiza los esfuerzos de BudgIT, una nueva empresa creativa nigeriana, para hacer que el presupuesto de Nigeria sea sencillo y accesible para todos los ciudadanos. BudgIT considera que las voces unidas de los ciudadanos basadas en un mejor acceso a los datos presupuestarios pueden traducirse en una reforma institucional. A common tactic of autocratic regimes and dysfunctional democracies is to keep the populace ignorant of data and acts of public governance, thus causing democracy to be the ideal disinfectant of such ignoble practices.

When information asymmetry thrives in governance, especially around public finance, it draws a thick opaque curtain around public funds. This gives an opportunity for corruption to thrive.