Matchmaking mama 1929

For Sennett she also appeared in comedy shorts like The Campus Vamp and Matchmaking Mama while simultaneously getting her feet wet in supporting parts in features for major studios like Dry Martini at Fox. Trial Marriage at Columbia was early dramatic starring role for her. The Long, Long Trail cast her opposite western star Hoot Gibson , whom she would marry the following year. She was also one of many who appeared in the all-star Show of Shows While she did appear in severals westerns, Eilers might be better known for comedies. Notable pictures outside the western and comedy fields included the crime drama Quick Millions with Spencer Tracy and George Raft , and pre-code melodramas Bad Girl , and Second Hand Wife She appeared in nothing at all in , then I Was a Prisoner on Shark Island , nothing in , and just one public service short, First Aid in She divorced Brown that year and married navy pilot Howard Barney , who became a venture capitalist after the war. She divorced Barney in Eilers got back in the saddle for two last westerns, Coroner Creek and Stage to Tucson , and those capped off her movie career.

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Matchmaking mamma Third, the acting is superb. Emil Jannings’ performance as Mephisto is Fourth, Murnau’s job as director of “Faust” is masterful.

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A society matron wants to marry her daughter off to a rich young fella, but he has his eye on her stepdaughter. The Mack Sennett Bathing Beauties make several appearances. Now Showing Library Feed Notebook. Beautiful, interesting, incredible cinema. Matchmaking Mamma.

#NowWatching MATCHMAKING MAMMA () w/ Carole Lombard, Sally Eilers on @YouTube accompanied by @silentfilmmusic.

Carole Lombard made probably just as many or more silent movies and shorts as she did talkies, but unfortunately, the hilarity in Matchmaking Mama has nothing to do with her role. This short subject features Lombard as a socialite with an eye for men, any men. Her mother Daphne Pollard has her sights set on Larry Matty Kemp as a suitable husband for daughter Phyllis, who is also cast in a play that requires he kiss the young woman. The man is entranced by her legs, but being a very modest girl, Sally scurries about trying to figure out how to put the pan down without further exposing herself.

This leads Sally to cast the man off and both parties are terribly unhappy. Pollard even without sound plays an intolerable small woman with the fury of someone twice her size. We can see easily from her interactions with others how dominant she is, and the witty dialogue of the intertitles does wonders for this comedy.

Sally Eilers: Bad Girl

Celebrate National Dog Day with a look at some shows that feature a few of the most adorable dogs on TV. Watch the video. Title: Matchmaking Mamma Charley invents a machine that turns ordinary, breakable eggs into rubbery, unbreakable ones for transport. He builds a Rube Goldberg contraption of parts stolen from his neighbors.

Matchmaking Mamma (). Film details. Featuring. Carole Lombard Sally Eilers Matty Kemp. Director. Harry Edwards. Country. USA. Year. Type. Film.

Your IP address will be recorded. Recommend this entry Has been recommended Send news. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. Facebook VKontakte Google. Previous Share Flag Next. It’s Carole Lombard in glorious for the time two-strip Technicolor, in a scene from her final short for Mack Sennett not to mention her final film without sound , “Matchmaking Mamma,” released in March but likely filmed near the end of The above is a screengrab, as in those days publicity stills weren’t issued in color.

But they were made in black and white, and a stunning and rare example from that film has surfaced on eBay: The “sheik” who tried to steal a kiss from Carole has been unmasked, as Lombard and Daphne Pollard stand over him.

Matchmaking mamma 1929

This marriage is the second for both Mr. Cornelius McNitt. He is panty-whipped by his social climbing second wife.

Get info about the original print of Matchmaking Mama, , directed by Harry Edwards, with Sally Eilers, Andy Clyde, Irving Bacon,}.

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The Silent Comedy Watch Party – ep #12 – June 7, 2020

Mack Sennett once aspired to be an opera singer but instead made his mark as early Hollywood’s master of mirth. Sennett began his career as a performer in a Baptist church choir in New York. He landed a few odd acting jobs after that and in wormed his way into the old Biograph Studios, where he was able to observe the work of D. Griffith and Mary Pickford. That was the end of his brief acting career and the start of his life a director and producer of film comedies.

Uploaded by user. Carole Lombard in Matchmaking Mamma (). More information. Carole Lombard in Matchmaking Mamma (). Find this Pin and more.

After that, the series settles down into its groove, which doesn’t provide anything new of interest for Toobworld for the most part. The practical-joking, impulsively outspoken aspects of her personality had been confined to her offscreen life until Hawks merged them into her role of the hot-tempered actress who verbally battles her flamboyant ex-directorllover John Barrymore in the successful filming of Hecht and MacArthur’s rowdy stage play.

They loved the outdoor life and shared times hunting and riding together. We were just two completely incompatible people. Unsure how audiences would receive a comedy starring the late actress, United Artists released “To Be or Not to Be” in tribute to Lombard. Oftentimes it’s only the pilot episode that’s of any interest to a televisiologist such as myself. Carole Lombard Academy Awards. Yes the missing ingredient is Galton and Simpson, those ace scriptwriters.

Sunday, March 18th 9: The pilot episode established the premise – Supreme Court Justice resigns from the Bench in order to champion the rights of the underdog as a defense lawyer. Everyone aboard had been killed instantly.

Matchmaking Mamma (1929)