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Click Here To Find Out! The Marlin Model A brief history Old 44 Guy. Thanks, John. The 39A is my all-time favorite. My present one was bought over 40 years ago, after I foolishly traded away the one I purchased over 50 years ago. Just got one abt a month ago and haven’t fired it yet. Ser No. Nice guns, Larry.

Lot 12: Marlin Model 39 Lever Action Rifle

I’m in a predicament! I have a Marlin Original Golden 39A serial number xxxx. My first question would be, can you guys tell me the date of manufacture and the approximate value? Can you guys give me any advice on this? Do you think this would be a fair trade? Come join FamilyFriendsFirearms.

Iv’e seen several web sites with Marlin dates of manufacture posts, but the years between and Model 39 Marlins with HS prefixes will date from

The Story of Marlin and the Levergun. It is a trail that has been rough and rocky in places, and at times, it didn’t look like Marlin would survive, but survive it did, and today’s shooters should count themselves as fortunate as Marlin came back strong to make some of the most popular leverguns of all time. The story starts in , when John Mahlon Marlin was born in Connecticut.

He grew up in New England and entered the tool and die trade as a young man. During the Civil War, he started building guns, working at the Colt plant in Hartford. He started off making single-shot brass framed derringers in. In , Marlin added rifles to his product offerings, manufacturing the single-shot Ballard rifles which had previously been made by others. A strategic business move was made in , when Marlin introduced the Model lever-action repeating rifle. This was a well-built, accurate rifle, chambered for powerful hunting rounds like the.

Now this was in the hey-day of the powerful Sharps single-shot rifles, but Marlin was making a big-bore high-powered rifle, and they were making it in a lever-actioned repeater competing for the same market niche that Winchester had created with the Model The Marlin Model was well-received and firmly established Marlin in the levergun market.

A Marlin “trademark” was established a few years later when Marlin introduced the Model , the first levergun to have a solid top and eject the empties out of the side of the receiver the origin of the term “Marlin Safety” , instead of out the top like Winchester leverguns.

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Marlin Firearms Co. In the past, the company made shotguns , derringers and revolvers. Marlin Model C —. Significant variations of many of these rifles have usually also been manufactured. For example, there are 6 distinctly different variations manufactured for the Marlin Model Marlin has been making lever action rifles since , and in , they produced their 30 millionth lever action rifle, which was donated to the National Rifle Association.

Bid on Lot # Marlin Model 39 Lever Action Rifle – This model was introduced in with this rifle being produced Auction Date: December 4th

There were basically 5 different lever action rimfire rifles, as far as extractors are concerned. All derived from the earliest which was the model The was improved to become the , and then again as a take-down to become the In the 39 came out, and it appears that there could have been some overlap of extractors between the late 97 and the early In the 39A came onto the scene.

These 32 caliber rifles appear to use a similar shaped extractor as the 22 RF. But it is deeper in height in the rear section. This receiver is a later , 32 caliber, with no ejector screw hole. This screw was screwed from the inside into a recess that the ball end of the ejector nestled into. The base was the same thickness as the screw head on the previous version, so the newer version could be interchanged with no alterations.

But if you plan on using the gun to any extent we suggest when you need to replace it that you do so with the newer 17G or 18G depending on the caliber of your firearm. This unit is inset into a brass box that is screwed in with 2 screws. It is the same type of unit still used today. Different part numbers have been encountered for the same part.

Marlin Model “Original Golden 39A” PLEASE HELP !

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22 rimfire, had 24″ octagonal barrel and take-down receiver. Has full-length magazine tube which holds 25 Shorts, 20 Longs or 18 LR cartridges. Most Model 39s.

The Marlin 39A represents the oldest and longest continuously produced shoulder firearm in the world. The current variation gold trigger lever-action. The Golden Model 39A started life as the Marlin Model , the first lever action rifle ever chambered in. The tubular magazine was changed to front-loading with the Model , due to the difficulties of receiver feeding the small rimfire round.

Changes between models were so minimal the rifle is considered to have been continually produced to the same basic specifications for over years. The Model A did not have a cross hammer safety, whereas the current Golden Model 39A has had one since introduction in The Golden 39A is still considered one of the finest examples of a lever. It is also the best-selling lever rimfire in U. These rifles have been alternately called Model 39M or Mountie. This rifling uses many small lands and grooves rather than 2, 4, or 6 deeper grooves used by the majority of rifle makers.

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The Glenfield model is the same as any rifle Marlin numbers made for a chain store, used I have a serial that has a golden 39 A in the box never fired.

View Full Version : marlin model 39m article II date. I just got it from my grandpa. It survived a fire and still looks pretty good for what happened. The bore looks good and the rifling is still strong. I’m trying to figure out what year it was made. I’ve looked around and can’t figure it out.

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I am unable to upload pics on this forum. Steven : Rob, The long version of this story is, when I turned 14 in July 80, my dad purchased a motorcycle for me to travel back and forth to school. I association to use my lunch money model gas, firearms my parents told me later, always firearms them wonder firearms I was getting money for gas. The owners, friends of the family, allowed me to put it on layaway and pay it out. I starved the whole year.

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