Icona Pop’s new gay-friendly song “Girlfriend”

Alex and Greta get up from their seats as the lights flash in the waiting room. Lo sings in a teal-lit hallway. Lo has them sign authorization forms in her office and puts leather-studded collars around their necks. Charli XCX also sings in the hallway, which is lit in a rainbow of colors for her. Carolina and Aino stand behind the bar, contuing to serve them shots. Icona Pop sing in the rainbow lit hallway. In the classroom, Lo moves the whiteboard in front of desk. Alex faces Lo in class and mimics how she moves her tongue. She teaches Greta how to smoke.

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And if you will, modern feminists — women who joke about men showing them the play button in the DJ booth and who tell all non-feminists to unfriend them on Facebook. She dances so wildly that one of the 10 cm soles on her Stella McCartney shoes breaks loose. She shakes her head at the chaos, and just keeps going.

Teens, celebs, coders and pop singers onstage at Made w/ Code. Instead, let’s all respect each other no matter what. pubescent years are confusing enough already vis-à-vis appropriate dating behavior. The Icona Pops!

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Video Review: Tove Lo, Charli XCX, Icona Pop, Elliphant & Alma “bitches”

Subscriber Account active since. While Charli XCX would go on to have hits like ‘s “Boom Clap” and appear on other big songs like Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy,” her Swedish collaborators, Icona Pop, didn’t keep up the same momentum after dropping this epic electropop breakup bop in May It’s also a celebration of the liberating power of female friendship and ‘s answer to ‘Since U Been Gone.

While the indie pop duo haven’t released another song that charted anywhere near as high as “Safe and Sound” which peaked at No.

VIDEO: Icona Pop Tells InStyle About Their New Single, Partying, and the same school five years before that, but we didn’t really know eachother. your questions about dating, friendships, family, social media and beyond.

Petite rhyme dropping dame, Sirah , is back with a very intimate and in-your-face EP, Inhale out today. The candor in which Sirah speaks is relatable to the listener and appealing to the heart. Beginning this week, she will be co-headlining a nationwide tour with K. Flay and Icona Pop. What I appreciate most about this EP is that it shows reflection and progression in character.

I want your perspective of each track. Sirah : I was in love.

The Chorus Girl

The two have been nearly inseparable since they first met in their native Sweden in Over the past several years the two have moved from Stockholm to London to most recently New York, putting down roots to properly nurture a global pop-music career. The song has become a staple — on pop radio, in gay bars, even on television. I love it! That was a show after 2 a. MW : Well, your enthusiasm for performing was certainly contagious.

Icona Pop’s Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo are ready to give and feel love at Hjelt and Jawo occasionally stepped in to finish each other’s thoughts and Laverne Cox on Netflix doc ‘Disclosure,’ dating in Hollywood, and.

Icona Pop — Caroline Hjelt, left, and Aino Jawo — is one of a new crop of girl groups currently on the music scene. Associated Press. The Pussycat Dolls got a makeover as G. Even if you don’t want them — they’re back on the scene. A new batch of pop tarts are ready to dominate the charts and fill a void since best-selling groups like Destiny’s Child, TLC and the Spice Girls aren’t dropping songs as fast as music fans want them.

The duo Icona Pop has one of the year’s biggest hits — and possible song of the summer — with the anthem “I Love It. The fivesome G. Others are using reality TV to help establish their brands: The Saturdays, who have a dozen Top 10 hits in their native United Kingdom, launched a reality show on E! Here are four girl groups who are rivaling One Direction and The Wanted for your attention. Like 1D, Little Mix was formed on the U.

The group is signed to the same U. Little Mix is currently working on a second album that they will also release this year — 1D’s formula last year.

Icona Pop, Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo Duo, Talk Sexuality With HuffPost Live

The two members Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, who grew up in Stockholm, create what has been described as music “you …. For music news and album release Charli XCX

“I Love It” by Icona Pop featuring Charli XCX was an absolute banger. go on to have hits like ‘s “Boom Clap” and appear on other big songs like the production is “horribly dated” (now even more so) and the lyrics are.

From the red carpet to the explosive performances Mnet America will ensure North American fans know exactly what is happening as English-language hosts Danny Lim, Hannah Jun, Dumbfoundead a. Parker and Bekah After School , guide viewers every step of the way. MAMA is an eye-popping year end celebration of the biggest stars on the planet.

In the past, blockbuster performances have included Snoop Dogg and Dr. A, K-Con On August 24 th , from p. I was lucky enough to be able to attend this panel, and with my press access, be closer to the stage. Bekah told the audience the story of how she got scouted.

Swedish Duo Icona Pop Talks New Music and Feminism

In the last week of June, we’re seeing a divide among the Top 10 songs on Billboard ‘s flagship Hot chart. Not pop versus rock, or hip-hop versus dance, or fast versus slow. I’m talking about new versus old. The major Song of Summer contenders still feel new — they’ve been wafting through the air only a couple of months. For example, current chart-topper ” Blurred Lines ” by Robin Thicke has spent a total of nine weeks on the Hot

icona pops summer hit, “never been. All people and icona lucy. Ed sheeran, icona away and pop are icona pop dating each other.

Anatomy of a hit: Swedish electro-house duo Icona Pop shot to fame the moment Lena Dunham’s HBO mega-hit series Girls aired a drug-fueled, glow-stick-adorned nightclub scene in which Hannah and a compatriot mouth the words to I Love It. Pepper, Smirnoff, ShoeDazzle and Samsung. In real life, no actual cars were harmed, however, and the song and the girls behind it have crashed into the public eye faster than, well, a car into a bridge. What the future holds: “To be honest, we’re just living in this chaos — great chaos — right now and we don’t really know what’s going to happen,” Hjelt says of the group’s plans to finish out its phenomenal year.

No one will miss us anywhere and we couldn’t be happier about it because this is exactly how we wanted it to be. Electric Ladyland: Jawo met Hjelt at a party at the latter’s Sweden home in the winter of , and Icona Pop was formed the very next day. Prior to forming the group, Jawo played the cowbell and sang lead vocals for an otherwise all-male rock band, Tickdoll, while Hjelt eschewed the “girl drama of an all-girl group” for a solo career.

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Get Lucky — Daft Punk. There are some other healthy dating tips weaved within:. Good job, Daft Punk! Blurred Lines — Robin Thicke ft.

View past relationships, dating news, rumors, net worth, and full biography. Caroline Hjelt, she is one half of the dance and synthpop DJ duo known as Icona Pop. They wrote songs together in the first 4 weeks they knew each other.

Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, the two halves of Swedish electropop duo Icona Pop, have been making music for nine years, so it’s only fitting that they’d finally write a song about each other. The resulting single, “Brightside,” is a love letter to the pair’s friendship, set against a mellower beat than previous club bangers like “I Love It” and “All Night. ICYMI, the BFFs talked more about the new release, partying around the world, and their favorite Swedes in the entertainment biz during a live broadcast on our Facebook page.

How did you two first meet? Caroline: We met at a party at my place. Aino was heartbroken. Aino: One of our mutual friends forced me to go to a party after laying in a bed for two weeks. The first person that I met was Caroline–she opened the door.

Icona Pop’s Gay Q&A: ‘We’re The Perfect Couple’

The key to writing a good song for brat-pop wunderkind turned musical futurist Charli XCX? Speed and avoiding her feelings. Photographs by Lucas Michael. Taylor Swift has entered Chicago. Pedicabs swirl around Millennium Park blasting her hits as thousands of midwestern pop-music fans make their pilgrimage to Soldier Field, where they will be treated to glittery flights through the air, towering inflatable snakes, and an exploding mansion. Well, some of them are.

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This time around, with a large loyal fan base eagerly anticipating new material, expectations are higher. After being catapulted into the international spotlight, the two girls finally took some time to relax and get invigorated, taking advantage of the calmness they found in Los Angeles, where most of their collaborates also live.

What was it like working on new music after years of touring? In the beginning, we wrote and produced everything ourselves. We then had the luxury of course to work with people that we really loved working with, but it was a different way of writing. Suddenly, we were not in the studio at all. Then we were traveling so much. Where are we now?

“I Ship It” — an Icona Pop parody by Not Literally Productions